Friday, February 3, 2017

Switching to Solr - Watch out!

I can bet that during switching from Lucene to Solr indexes you are using scripts to disable Lucene configs and enable Solr configs.

Am I right?

If yes, please be aware, because since Sitecore 8.2 we have additional config file related to Solr, it is called "Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrCloud.SwitchOnRebuild.config" and your scripts can accidentally enable this config file on your environment, which is unnecessary for you until you don't use Solr Cloud.

During rebuilding my primary indexes, I was facing with HTTP ERROR 404 issues:

  • Problem accessing /solr/sitecore_master_index_rebuild/update
  • Problem accessing /solr/sitecore_web_index_rebuild/update
  • Problem accessing /solr/sitecore_core_index_rebuild/update

First strange thing which I saw, was the akward names of indexes. I've never seen "rebuild" in names of indexes, it was weird for me...


If you are facing with similar issue, please try disable Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrCloud.SwitchOnRebuild.config. It helped for me and I hope that it will help for you!



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